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Eva Franco Catalog Fashion Photoshoot by Nancy Woo

Model   Kacie Nicole Margis ,  Designs   Eva Franco

Model Kacie Nicole Margis, Designs Eva Franco

What’s the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the mere mention of the word Los Angeles? Is it that Traffic that sucks out your soul while waiting a slow and pained death during peak traffic jam hours? Or could it be the smog that causes you to gasp for air while cutting off that last essential breath of life? Well, that alone would scare anyone away but not me, I recently had the opportunity to take advantage to get away from America’s Finest City for a little work trip up in the City of Angels and let me tell you it was so worth it.


I love what I do but what’s even better is when it’s fashion influenced so you know that’s a combo you can’t go wrong with. So when I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Eva Franco Designs for their new catalog shoot, oh man the little girl in me was ecstatic. So for this particular shoot, I had the beautiful Kacie to support me as my fashion model and I was even lucky enough to have hands assistance of Eva Franco (The Designer) herself for any quick tidbits that needed tidying up. Watching this darling lady using her creative mindset and laying out all her clothes which I thought were only going to be 3 looks, but no she surprised us all and easily laid out over 30 outfits which made us all giddy with excitement.

This photo shoot from the very beginning was so adventurous hence I felt like a track star at times running from the security guards for taking photos in locations we weren’t allowed in. But the creativity that ensued was the best part of my shoot. It definitely taught me some values in fashion, in the sense of color perspectives with color coordination and how it all blends into the perfect shot and image, or how the whole process is started from scratch leading up to the whole manufacturing of the actual garments to include the promotion afterward.

Spring collection 2020

Spring collection 2020

Eva Franco's designs are feminine in the purest sense of the word fashion, yet it is classy and very edgy which I love. Not only are her designs part of the Anthropology Clothing Brand, her designs quite remind me of Kate Spade with all of those cute little bows they had on her dresses, tops, and bottoms.  I even had the opportunity to pick a few outfits from Eva’s exclusive collection just for my closet, you don’t have to ask me twice! This trip made my love for fashion grow even more but it also reassured me why I love doing photography and why my passion for it grows every day.

I would like to thank Eva Franco (The Designer) for her entrusting me to take her vision and portray it the only way I knew how with lots of style. Also for helping me add on to my experiences which is something that money can’t buy and is something that will help me grow as a photographer in this huge market. Also, I’d like to thank Nicole for being such a great assistant and Kacie for being a gorgeous model for me. I truly mean it I had the most wonderful and amazing time and these memories will forever live on. - Wu Klan

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